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Kaoru Furuko

Direction / Animation / Illustration

Kaoru Furuko is a director, animator and video artist. She is passionate about visualizing stories and music into moving images, and giving life to objects to let them speak.

She had master’s degree in storytelling at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden. She had some time for pursuing the possibilities of stop-motion techniques by making experimental animated footages in a project course at The Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm, Sweden.

One of her long-running projects that has acted as fuel for her creations and taking her to different places and projects since 2008 is a series of stop-motion animated works, in which she visualises stories that stem from a specific location. For this series, she uses objects from nature and cultural environments as materials, and outputs it in various formats such as short films, installations, performances, music videos and video art, often in collaboration with local creators.

She works in various locations internationally with her animation projects, and is active in a variety of fields such as advertisement, short films, video games, installations, performances, workshops and exhibitions. Her works have been screened at international film festivals as well as exhibited internationally.Selected for "Japanese Motion Graphic Creators 100" in 2019.