Gojo Short Animation Gallery





Welcome to our humble gallery for short animation.
Becoming good friends with people of Gojo Mall by coincidence, we deeply appreciate to have this opportunity to present the best part of short animations from all over the world. We hope as many audience to share this unique viewing experience, and feel more creative somehow. Please contact us if you have any questions, or wish to screen your works.



谷川千央 | Chihiro Tanikawa
Gojo Short Animation Gallery 共同オーナー
谷川千央 | Chihiro Tanikawa

ジャグラー、MMG、ラストラム、avex、ドリーミュージック等でブルーハーツ、dip in the pool、BEAT CRUSADERS、54-71、YMCK、BOOM BOOM SATELLITESほか数10バンドを担当。 その後FOGHORNを結成し音楽以外のマネージメントを開始。現在はアニメーション作家であるひらのりょうと奥下和彦、そして着物デザイナー・キサブローを手掛ける。 Started his career as a rock band manager for THE BLUE HEARTS back in the 80's, management office was called JUGGLER CO.,LTD. After that he worked for MMG, LASTRUM, avex and DREAMUSIC, dealing with dip in the pool, BEAT CRUSADERS, 54-71, YMCK, BOOM BOOM SATELLITES and so many more. He established CAUZSUCH CO,,LTD. in 2011, now runs a team called FOGHORN, being an agent for Ryo Hirano, Kazuhiko Okushita(both animation directors), and KISABURO(Kimono designer). http://foghorn.jp/

毛利信之 | Nobuyuki Mori
Gojo Short Animation Gallery 共同オーナー
毛利信之 | Nobuyuki Mori

bio ojiyan cafe Harajuku勤務時代にアニメーション作家との交流が始まり、上映イベントや展示を企画・運営したことが当ギャラリー設立のきっかけとなった。 Born in Kyoto city. From Rakusei Junior High and High school, graduated Keio University, faculty of commerce in 2005. After experienced apparel, art and food industry in Tokyo, Milan and Nagoya, came back to his hometown Kyoto, take part in management of STAGE Co.,Ltd. While working at bio ojiyan cafe Harajuku, he deepened engagement with animation creators curating screenings and small exhibitions, these experiences later led him to be a co-owner of this gallery. http://www.stage-kyoto.com/