Gojo Short Animation Gallery



Nathania Zaini

Nathania (Nia) grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. During Nia's childhood, she spent much of her
time playing and creating stories with her brother, using knock-off G.I. Joe figurines and
mutilated Barbie Dolls, recreating scenes from epic movies. Nia is a grown-up now, but the
same passion for make-believe remains.
Being a tinkerer, Nia has been dedicating her time breathing life into inanimate objects. This
endeavor includes designing, doodling, fabricating, searching for junks, building sets, and…
well, animating.
Nia always thinks that she was born in the wrong era. She once wished that she was born in a
world where there is no internet, no technology, where her passion and craft are not considered
obsolete. She finally found a place where she fits: stop-motion animation.