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Ryo Hirano

産み出す作品はポップでディープでビザール。文化人類学やフォークロアからサブカルチャーまで、自らの貪欲な触覚の導くままにモチーフを定め作品化を続ける。その発表形態もアニメーション、イラスト、マンガ、紙芝居、VJ、音楽、舞台と多岐に渡り周囲を混乱させるが、その視点は常に身近な生活に根ざしており、ロマンスや人外のものが好物。トーチWEBにて漫画「FANTASTIC WORLD」(リイド社)連載中&単行本第一巻・第二巻発売中。CASA BRUTUSにて「ワラシちゃん占い」のイラスト&GIFアニメーション担当。
MV「Hietsuki-Bushi」(with Omodaka)で文化庁メディア芸術祭エンタテインメント部門新人賞。短編アニメーション「ホリデイ」で学生CGコンテスト・グランプリ。デンマーク、オタワ、サンフランシスコ、アヌシーなど映画祭参加多数。

Animation director, illustrator & comic artist
Born in 1988, Kasukabe-City, Saitama Prefecture. Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Information Design. Now belongs to FOGHORN, a Japanese agent for creators. Started his career as a short animation film maker and still loves to be so, creates pop and bizarre taste pieces. HIs motifs are based on wide range of issues, from cultural anthropology, folklore to subculture, following his insatiable tactile organ.
His other presentation forms include illustration, comic, music, VJ, theatrical play and picture story show, his attitude as an artist is always extremely flexible and sometimes make audience puzzled. All his perspective rooted in familiar things, and often attracted by “boy meets girl” situation and apparition.
HIs first comic “FANTASTIC WORLD” is published in Japanese. French and Spanish so far. Now book 1 & 2 are on sale, 3 will be the end of the story.

動畫短片導演 / 漫畫家
喜好浪漫情節與異界寓言,隨心所欲順應靈感召喚,常以日常生活為著眼點進行創作。運用媒材包含動畫、插畫、漫畫、紙上劇場、影像騎師、音樂和舞台劇,雜揉多岐也亂中有序。作品思想涉及文化人類學、民俗學和次文化,風格活潑怪誕、層次深度豐富。漫畫作品「FANTASTIC WORLD」(リイド社出版)於トーチWEB線上連載中,全彩單行本第一卷、第二卷已上市販售。同時在CASA BRUTUS擔任「ワラシちゃん占卜」的插畫與GIF動畫師。以音樂錄影帶「Hietsuki-Bushi」(with Omodaka) 獲得日本文化廳媒體藝術祭娛樂部門新人獎。以動畫短片「ホリデイ」獲得學生CG競賽首獎。參加丹麥維堡、加拿大渥太華、美國舊金山、法國安錫等多數動畫影展。同時也擔任グランギニョル未来、ロロ劇團、山本卓卓等舞台劇作品之視覺設計。


「ガスー/Krasue 」