Gojo Short Animation Gallery



The Ribbon
Polla-Ilariya Kozino(Graduated from AOA, San Francisco, 2020)



“The Ribbon” is truly unique. At first it might seem like a children’s story, but once you watch it
you will realize it is not what you expected.
I came up with this idea in 2014 and started sketching very first characters and concept. In 2015,
I brought my project to StudioX, where collaboration gave the project new life. Characters
evolved, and animatics were adjusted as ideas were sacrificed for the needs of production.
Sacrifices that were worth it in the end as I saw this story, one so very personal to me, beautifully
animated and brought to life.
“The Ribbon” challenges the perception through one little girl’s journey not of trial and tragedy
but, instead, one of great adventure. And in doing so, shows an entirely new approach to life.